Facts about hiring a car without a credit card


Are you planning for a car rental without credit check? If so, you can do it but it’s a bit tricky. There’s nothing good like hiring a car; your ‘own’ wheels can make a run-of-the-mill holiday into a once lifetime adventure.

Due to accidents, rental companies tend to protect themselves from the unexpected — this reason behind them taking security deposit when they hand over the car deposit. Most rental companies need a credit card with the primary driver’s name for the deposit. However, there are a few companies that accept the debit card.

Types of cards used for car hire

The only way for you to know the cards a particular company use for security deposit is to check its Ts & Cs online. Mostly, many companies accept MasterCard and Visa credit cards. Prepaid, recharge or virtual credit cards or any other card are not usually accepted.

Why do most rental companies resist debit cards?

Many things can happen during the rental. The car might have a scratch or a broken wing mirror. Also, it might be dirty which requires thorough cleaning. On the hand, the fuel tank might be empty when it’s supposed to be full. And also, the driver can delay and return the car on a late date.

If the mentioned things occur, the renter will have to lose some of the deposit to cater for an extra cost.

Sometimes things aren’t that straightforward. If for instance, the car had an accident, repairs may cost more than the deposit. And if the renter gets a speeding ticket, a parking ticket, or a fine for not paying a toll, the rental company will not know it immediately it takes some time.

These are the reasons why rental companies prefer credit cards than debit cards for deposits. In any case, if the repair bills are higher than the deposit, or a fine doesn’t pop up until months after the rental, the rental company will take money from the credit card to mend the issues since the money comes straight from the card provider.

What if you only have a debit card?

The following are options if you don’t have a credit card:

  • Before you book, compare various hiring companies online and look for that company that accepts a debit card for the deposit. Some they will while many accept credit card on the main driver’s name.
  • Also, you may find out whether the individual you are going with has a credit card and book the car in their name.
  • When you get on the counter, buy extra cover from the rental company.

Other rental companies will offer optional extra cover which means you don’t have to leave a deposit. In this case, they accept a debit card as long as it’s in the primary driver’s name.

Majority of rentals go smoothly-no scratches, no bumps, no speeding tickets, and no reason for either Rental Company or customer to worry about paying for them. Always ensure you insure your rental car.