Things to Do to Have the Upper Hand When Negotiating with a Used Car Dealer


The good thing about used cars is that you can request a significant drop in the price. Cars depreciate quickly. Used car sellers are willing to reduce the cost if it helps entice potential buyers. The problem is that they also want to earn a profit out of the transaction. These sellers probably want to buy a new car, and they can only do so when they earn something from the sale of their old car.

If your goal is to reduce the price of the used car that you’re willing to buy, these are the tips to help you have the upper hand when negotiating.

Research well

It helps if you have an idea of the average cost of the car models out there. You can check the price of brand-new models and used versions. You will know if the dealer is bluffing if you did your part in researching; otherwise, you might think that you’re getting a good deal even if you’re not.

 Maintain a poker face

Even if you’re desperate to buy the car since it has everything that you want, you need to maintain a poker face; otherwise, the dealer will decline your request for a discount since you will buy the vehicle anyway. At some point, the dealer will agree to your offer, but you can’t show how excited you are; otherwise, the dealer might change their decision.

Check if a mechanic can inspect the vehicle

You can’t evaluate the car alone even if you’re not an avid fan of automobiles. You need to have a mechanic come over and check the vehicle. Your mechanic can list the possible issues that you might face if you buy the car. You can negotiate to lower the cost since if you will have to spend money on repairs. If not, you can ask the dealer to fix the identified problems first before you agree to the deal.

Don’t be too pushy

The key in negotiation is to have one reasonable offer and stick with it. You can’t keep asking for a discount since you might irritate the dealer. Instead of giving you what you want, the dealer will walk away and find other buyers. You will regret it, especially if you love the model.

Know when to walk away

If you think you can’t convince the dealer to accept your offer, you have to learn to walk away. You can’t keep dealing with someone who won’t even bother to meet you halfway. If your requests end up with a no, you can’t tolerate it. Besides, there are other used car dealers out there. They might have better offers. If you’re confident about walking away and the dealer feels it, there might be a change of heart.

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